Heal After Heartbreak

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As humans, we seem susceptible to having our hearts broken in so many ways. From the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, the betrayal of a friend, the breakdown of a partnership that causes a divorce, a medical diagnosis, miscarriage, and even maybe we are the culprit that breaks our own heart from falling out of our integrity or not following our inner wisdom. 

Healing after heartbreak is a process that in most cases is not one and done. Those broken feelings seem to circle around again, but the people, places, and things are different, exposing our inner wounds. The four core wounds that can be experienced are loss, abuse, codependency, and neglect. When we tenderly look at our broken hearts these seem to be at the center of the pain. This is why I am sharing Heal After Heartbreak download. They are affirmations that I created, use and reuse when journaling with the intention of healing.  I use the list as a menu and pick the one that resonates with me and my inner space that needs attention, love, and ultimately healing. 

Healing Daily Affirmations Download

Heal After Heartbreak,  Ignite Your Inner Light For Powerful Healing & Change 

So often when we experienced heartbreak we might experience feelings of confusion, uncertainty, withdrawal from family and friends, anxiety, or perhaps a sense of fear, panic, grief, and depression.

Heal After Heartbreak, this powerful affirmation work focuses your attention within and creates internal healing so that you begin to shift and mirror these changes in your external world. Use these powerful affirmations daily. Write them down three times per day. You can change your affirmation daily or review the list and pick the top five that resonate the most with you. Use this offering as a menu and lean into your intuition and sense what affirmation is appropriate for your current situation and healing process.

Inner Work (I call Sparkle Up)  has a way of bringing what is in our darkness for healing into the light. This sometimes painful change makes way for the spark of creativity to ignite your new life. 

You are not alone. 

You are understood. 

You are powerful beyond measure! 

Take gentle care while doing this work.  

With Love, Kristen 

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