Healing After Heartbreak

Download 31 Days of Healing Affirmations for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


So often when narcissistic abuse is experienced the survivor might have feelings of confusion, uncertainty, hypervigilance, withdrawal from family and friends, anxiety, or perhaps have a sense of fear, panic, grief and depression.

This powerful affirmation work focuses your attention within and creates an internal healing so that you begin to shift and mirror these changes in your external world.

Use these powerful affirmations daily. Write them down three times per day. You can change your affirmation daily or review the list and pick the top five that resonate the most with you. Use this offering as a menu and lean into your intuition and sense what affirmation is appropriate for your current situation and healing process.

Sparkling up has a way to bring up what is in the darkness for healing, making way for the spark of creativity to ignite your new life. You are not alone. You are understood. You are powerful beyond measure!

Take gentle care during this month.

Kristen Darcy specializes in one-on-one coaching that has help hundreds of women move through heartbreaking transitions, out of toxic situation or relationships to manifest and transform themselves from the inside out!

Kristen’s hard-won wisdom through life and education has her living her calling of helping other women through trauma, grief, loss and betrayal so they can recover and claim their true self’s potential, love and live their happiest life.