Healing your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul after Betrayal

It is sad but true to say that each of us has felt betrayed at some point in our lives. Perhaps you were wronged in a relationship or maybe an institution violated your understanding of what they would provide you.

During fertility treatment, I felt a tug of war between my mind, body and heart. It was like one side of the mind/body/soul triangle was on the outs with the other two.

photoBetrayal can cut like a knife quickly or can wound over time but either way there is a specific energy behind receiving a perceived act of betrayal. You can feel the difference in denseness as soon as the awareness of the betrayal comes into light.

It takes courage and strength to address a betrayal and just like the five stages of grief, there are stages that one goes through when an act of betrayal is uncovered or brought into awareness.

The most critical step in moving through to the other side of hurt and being brokenhearted is to focus on you. It is not about the betrayer or the act, but the focus is being kind and gentle to yourself.

Deep healing comes from loving ourselves more and knowing that this lesson of betrayal is to open up yourself more.

Yah right you might be saying. You have just learned _______(fill in the blank) and how does this come back to me? I didn’t _________________.

So here’s the skinny. When you focus on empowering yourself to move forward and learn, grow, change and to not look backwards, you are victorious over this situation and can remain focused on moving away from being a victim of someone else’s choices and circumstances.

But what if you’re feeling betrayed by your body for its inability to create or carry a child to term? Those feelings are heart-breaking in their cruelty.

The first act of self care is loving yourself wildly. This will help you move through this uninvited rite of passage to become a stronger version of you. You will understand yourself more and make wiser choices based on this life experience.

Betrayal stinks. It is unwanted, unwelcome and, at times, unbearable.

It won’t destroy you if you don’t allow it and it will make you stronger.

So are you choosing to surround yourself with thoughts of loving kindness and growing stronger in love or are you staying in the pain, making those emotions stronger?

If you’re unsure of how to foster loving care right at this moment, here are some steps to learn how. Begin with sitting in a relaxed position with your spine straight and eyes closed. Imagine a divine white light flooding your entire body, cascading down your head, shoulders, front and back all the way down to your torso, hips and legs, making a puddle on the floor around your feet.

Surround yourself with the white light of divine love and ask it to help you move forward within love to make the correct decisions with this new information.

Wash away the betrayal within the flowing energy of love.

Join me for my Betrayal Tele-Coaching: Healing your mind, body, heart and soul after betrayal on September 23, 2014 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni will discuss the physical reaction to betrayal and debunk myths about your body’s self-betrayal. Kristen Darcy will provide specific strategies to help you move forward, within your personal timeframe, with grace, forgiveness and love.

RSVP to admin@resolvenewengland.org to obtain the call in information and receive a FREE download of Kristen Darcy’s Every Day Certainty CD.

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