The Heatwave

It finally broke. After weeks, the 100+ degree temperatures for days heatwave came to an end. One-day last week, I literally had a huge heat exhaustion cry. It hit me that living on Cape Cod without air conditioning was the norm but thanks to global warming needing a sweatshirt even in July on the Cape Cod is a thing of the past.

The only way through the wave was to literally stand/float/sit in the ocean or by the water’s edge. Sometimes, I would float in the water until pruny and get out to only go back in a few short minutes later. The air quality was tough and the water colder than normal! (Very strange happenings.)

On one of my occasions of in-and-out of the water I noticed a grasshopper struggling to stay afloat on the water. My daughter offered him my bubble sandal and we carried him to shore. Setting my sandal on the beach next to my chair we let the grasshopper rest, it wasn’t in a hurry to jump off. About 15 minutes later the little grasshopper leaped from the pink bubble sandal onto my neon green umbrella where it stayed for about one hour. I felt it was a thank-you break before it jumped away, unseen.

There have been so many moments of these creature interactions that have brought me to be fully in the present moment. I’m in practice now and saying it’s okay for me to take a leap of faith and know that I am supported.

Grasshopper Animal Totem

The grasshopper spirit guide teaches you to listen to your inner voice, and dare to act on your desires, make the jump and achieve the best version of yourself. The grasshopper spirit animal reminds people governed by this animal that obtaining material things in life is relatively easy for them.

Journal Prompt

Do you dare to act on your desires? What stops you from taking action?

Sometimes when our inner monkey-mind chatter drowns out our inner wisdom voice it’s challenging to be an attentive self-listener.

Dare to bravely connect to your desires. For a moment jump into your relaxing dreaming about your future. Let it pour out of you onto paper. Just listen and write. Claim your divine ease to create. (regardless of your past)

What to start noticing the universal conversation? Ask! Please let me notice the signs, symbols, synchronicity and connect with my animal spirits helpers! Increase your connection energetically and ground.


I am brave. I am braver and stronger than my past!

I am in love with my desires and dreams.

I am fearless.

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