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Day 7 National Infertility Awareness Week: Seven Days to an Easier Way

I recently completed the 21-day Oprah and Deepak Meditation Challenge and I am hoping to begin it again. Each day we received a centering thought and completed a meditation on that thought along with a suggestion for a “mindful moment.”

I’d like to share day five with you on day seven of NIAW. On day five our centering thought was: I flow in rhythm with my mind and body.

Today, commit to staying grounded in the present. Whenever you find yourself worrying about the past or feeling fearful about the future, take three deep breaths to bring yourself back to the here and now.

What I know now about my fertility or creative journey is that when fear comes in, your flow between your mental body, your mind and your physical body gets interrupted.I t is as if the phone lines go dead between them. So how do you stay connected?

Being present in the moment is the practice of meditation; just breath and you’ll be in the now!

So for today, when “those” charged or worry thoughts come in, do what Oprah and Deepak (we’re on first name basis, lol) instructed to us to do on Day 5 of the 21-day challenge… three deep breaths!

Here’s to being in the ‘Here and now’!


(Originally Published April 27, 2013)

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