Honey Do Strategy A Surefire Way to Help Meet Each Other’s Needs

The shift between making love and making a child is an energetic one. Something which was once spontaneous changes to something that has a purpose and measurable endpoint, enter the Honey Do Strategy.

How a couple manages this shift can make all the difference in how they cope as a couple while undergoing infertility treatments.

During those moments when the stresses of life may feel so overwhelming, here are three strategies that I recommend for a couple to implement in order to ground themselves and to remember why they want to begin a family.

Whether you’re taking these steps proactively, before issues begin to happen, or want help in bringing back those loving feelings these strategies are centered on self-loving and nurturing the bond between partners throughout the course of treatments or infertility.

The “Honey Do” List Strategy

Is a powerful strategy to help couples feel connected, and understood and a surefire way to help meet each other’s needs.

The “Honey Do List” strategy provides a safe, non-direct form of communicating to share what you do daily with each other. Taking the mind reading out of what you need to feel loved, connected, and supported.

Being faced with a diagnosis of infertility can affect every aspect of your life. Your relationship, your family, your friends, your livelihood, and most critical your health.

The “3×5 Honey Do List Strategy” is going old school, with no electronics, just simply white or colored 3×5 cards.

Download the instructions to move forward

Honey Do Download

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