How Are You Living With Yourself?

“How are you living with yourself?”  

The Winter Solstice occurs this week on December 21st, a symbolic death and rebirth of the sun.  It’s a perfect time to go within and ask what parts of your life you can let go dark, which parts are growing more aligned, and what rebirth would you appreciate in your life.  It’s an appropriate time to ask yourself  “How are you living with yourself?”  

If you google “Live With Oneself”  it means  To have a clear conscience, free of guilt or regret.  The idea of living comfortably within yourself might be foreign to you.  Collectively there have been so many shifts that we are living through which ripple inward perhaps creating a high level of uncomfortableness. The other day,  I found myself being just plain harsh with myself, overly critical, and in a funk. Something wasn’t right with me,  I started to systematically go through the self-questioning that usually brings me to a place for healing and release. 

My tried and true ways didn’t work.  I journaled, moved my body, asked and answered self-questions, and finally said to myself “suck it up buttercup” and “let’s go” (something I would have never recommended to my coaching clients!) But that for sure didn’t work.  I was still being unkind to myself in the form of impatience.  Just “ Get over it”… kind of unkindness.      

The Winter Solstice is a big opening and don’t be surprised if those feelings of overwhelm, sadness, and impatience show up in one form or another. 

It is actually transformational energy to release and get rid of murky, hidden stuff, shine a light on our good stuff, and rebirth again into our future selves. 

In my past blog about the conversation that I overheard about grief having so much wisdom, the impatience that was showing up for myself was because more of my hidden grief needed to come into the light.  It was once again,  the cha-cha dance of healing then some funky feeling comes around more than once, picking up some speed within to push us to drill down and out of our darkness. I would like to remind you that sometimes,  just sometimes you don’t need to know the reason behind the unusual self behavior,  you just need to take notice and be your own most kind supporter for release and healing. 

Journal Prompts: Try complimenting yourself!

The way the “ah-ha” moment came to me about the unprocessed, unheard grief, so I  began complimenting myself instead of speaking forcefully and unkindly.  When was the last time you complimented yourself?  Your body?  Your Mind?  Your Emotional Self?  Your Spirit?  During the Winter Solstice Opening perhaps you could whisper sweetness to yourself and shine a light on your greatness!  I know living with someone who does this is a JOY!   Write them in your journal and read them over the month… 

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