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Did you know journaling is one of the best ways to promote self-love and enhance a deeper level of self-appreciation? Cultivating a practice of daily journaling for self-love is when you make yourself a priority in your life! Loving journal posts will help to remind you to be nicer to yourself!

Unconditional self-appreciation is your dedication to taking action that reinforces and supports your entire well-being (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) Determining what you need to feel loved at the core of your being can be done through journaling with prompts as a guide.  You will be able to pinpoint what self-love (aka love) feels good to you and ensure you live a truly authentic life!

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Here are some of my personal journal prompts that I use on a regular basis that helps me nurture myself and promote self-love. 

Try these Loving journal prompts: 

  1. I know when I feel safe because…
  2. I remember feeling brave when I faced and went through…
  3. I’m special and unique because…
  4. What I love most about myself”
  5. I am so proud of myself because I overcame it.
  6. Write down when you felt judged by someone and why it was not your truth. 
  7. Compliment yourself five times today (You are a bright light in this world!) 
  8. I love and accept myself because I am worthy.  How does this make you feel?
  9. What is your ideal day?
  10. What is your best Sunday?
  11. What is one personal achievement you are so proud of?
  12. What is one professional achievement you are so proud of? 
  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. Write a loving thank you note to yourself today.  (and read it back to yourself) 
  14. I feel “filled up” by doing/seeing/being where?
  15. What self-nurturing item brings you calm and joy? (Makes you feel like a queen?)  
  16. Write five ways you have shared your generosity. 
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