How’s your day?

In the past I was a hard hitting, January 1st goal setting, creating a vision board kinda girl. 2020 has shifted that willful, forceful way to create and envision a different approach. Not by choice mind you but out of necessity.

Back in 2008, I was working within an expanding fertility clinic hosting monthly in-person workshops, providing confidential one-on-one coaching sessions and supporting the clinic’s patients through their cycles. (Shout out to all my forever friends & clients from this time!)

I created a visioning tool, postcard, handout to help facilitate future-based mindset visions by focusing on each day, being present within each 24 hours and breaking them down into chunks and creating a flow. Basically, crafting and reworking what your ideal day would look like. Back then the freedom to move around the 24 hour period without restriction might have been taken for granted; as we all are balancing the sense of differentness, the restrained movements, gathering and physical connections.

This pandemic doesn’t mean our ideal day is cancelled or out of reach. We are still within our ability to envision what the day will hold that is productive, supportive and yes, dare I say, magical. Speaking it out to yourself and writing it down sets an invisible force into action.

Within a recent coaching session one of my clients had a profound “ah-ha” moment and shared with me that she had practiced awareness within her conscious creating, and the one step she identified as a game-changer was working with me and speaking her dreams, wishes and intentions out loud. Prior to working together she kept them within herself and her journal.

Declarations are powerful. Our words are powerful. Our words are our thoughts in motion. So what are you putting into motion? What will make your day magical? What will increase your light and sparkle?

Make sure to download the “My Ideal Day Looks Like…” printable card and write your 24 hours down. Post it somewhere so that you can see, feel and hear the wonder that accompanies your perfect day.

With all my love,

PS: The reverse side of the “My Ideal Day Looks Like…” is an exercise to get clear on your most important values and then a dream-to-goal list prompt. This handout is an oldie and a goodie to call forth the energy of clarity, certainty and fortitude we all need for a new year and new way of being.

Please download all the handouts using the links below:

My Ideal Day Looks Like…
What do you value most?
Career, Health & Personal

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