"I" in National Infertility Awareness Week: Investigate Feelings, Feel and Release


NIAW! So yesterday we reinterpreted “N” in NIAW (National Infertility Awarenses Week) to mean Never alone… Did you say your mantra? “I am loved and supported beyond measure”? Today let’s look at the “I” in NIAW. Often we say things internally that we would never utter out loud. And we would never allow someone to speak those exact same words about a best friend to our face . However, internally we give ourselves permission to belittle ourselves. The other day a great friend of mine was going on about herself. She was being self- deprecating about her body and how she needs to diet, She was so upset with how she looked and on and on it went… Society allows us the act of self-sabotage. During my fertility challenges, I became so angry with my body for failing to get pregnant and then for not being able to stay pregnant. What I know now that I wish I knew then, is that we are not our feelings. A feeling is an emotion and our emotions change as rapidly as we can think. So if you are frustrated at another month of looking at a negative pregnancy test, remember, it is only a feeling. Know that it is okay to feel frustration, sadness, upset, depression and rage. What is detrimental is to let yourself become those feelings. So, what awareness do you bring to your feelings and how do you greet them? Do you welcome your feelings in and say “yah man! I’m really stinking mad right now!” or do you hold them in and let them fester? Instead, try to push them down. Feeling and releasing! State your feelings out loud, write them down, scream them out the window… How do you acknowledge your feelings? Today’s mantra “I love and accept myself.” Kristen explains the meaning of “I” in NIAW in this video. Enjoy!   (Originally Published on April 24, 2012)

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