I would love to be your coach!

 Here’s Why We Should Work Together!

Does your dream future seem so far out of reach? Did something wonderful just happen?  Did something terrible that you need help navigating? Or perhaps absolutely nothing is happening in your life right now,  but you want to make a big shift or jump and you’re feeling stuck? Are you stuck  trying to figure out your personal “What’s next?” 

Let me be your coach! Focusing on remaining curious about your life (the light and dark parts) you’ll be confident to take on the challenges to navigate through to your beautiful future!  Together we will create your personalized toolbox that you will use to heal and live healthily going forward.

  • Create your plan.
  • Overcome the pain of trauma & toxic experiences.
  • Get balanced and heal ALL of you.
  • Identify and manage your personal triggers.
  • Personalized educational tools, resources and encouragement to remain steadfast throughout the process.
  • Self wisdom you gain through our time together will ripple out into all parts of your life!

Let me help get you where you want to go!  


What my clients say about working together! 

If you’re on this journey and are looking for the best support out there, I highly recommend working with Kristen as your coach, support system, and fertility angel. She is a beautiful and passionate spirit that can help guide you through the toughest turbulence and help you break through and see the light. Big hugs to all of you out there on this journey. You are not alone.” K

Kristen, You’re not like other coaches focusing on what I’m doing incorrectly. You understand me and supported and helped me. I find our sessions so empowering and I can feel the changes within me.” – R.N.

“I don’t know if it’s magical thinking, positive thoughts or just plain coincidence, but I encourage people to make their own Dreams List. You never know what will happen; putting your dreams or wishes out into the universe makes them available for fate to make them happen” – Tara Roberts

“Dear Kristen,

I would like to thank you very much for your time today and for your kind support and listening. I appreciate it.

I feel more relaxed and relieved.

Thank you again ” – m

Client’s Story:  Read about Kristina’s journey here

Start Today!   Make sure to take advantage of a complimentary initial coaching session! 


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