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The common thread between most systems of medicine is to find a single diagnosis. Theoretically this approach will lead to an effective treatment. Unfortunately most cases involve a complex interplay of mental, emotional and physical factors which influence our overall state of health. Even those with a seemingly specific diagnosis such as endometriosis, poor sperm quality or polycystic ovaries may not respond to treatment as expected. Is there really a “eureka!” in the journey towards parenthood that can put us on the right path? For some it may seem that way but many are left in a state of limbo when the answer turns out not to be so clear.

Where does that leave us? The powerlessness we feel in this journey when we are not given a reason for our suffering creates an incessant search for answers. A search, which for the most part, is occurring outside of ourselves.Perhaps at the doctor, the blogs, the acupuncturist, the energy healer, and so on.

What is one to do? Allow the journey to serve you by giving you an opportunity to learn how to enhance your fertility through better health practices and become your best self. Try to be as invested in your journey as you are in your goal. Eat healthy, enjoy time with loved ones, praise yourself for your many talents and express gratitude for the many gifts you have been given. Know that in this tumultuous time you are developing capacities that you would have never had the opportunity to develop had you not been challenged in this way. Your strength and empathy will serve not only you but also your family and others who are so blessed to have shared in your wisdom.

So, in the meantime, be kind to yourself and others. Let aside your expectations and cultivate an open heart to allow your answer to come because it will. And as amazing as it will be, it may not always arrive in the form you had expected.

May your journey set the stage for a life of love, light and happiness.

Best wishes,
Christina Burns L.Ac

christinebiophotoChristina has been working in the field of holistic health for over 10 years during which she has trained with renowned women’s health specialists locally and internationally. Christina works in close collaborations with other health care professionals in order to provide her patients with the best care through an integrative medical framework. Her practice in Manhattan is geared towards helping her patients manage their reproductive health holistically through acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle counselling. You can contact Christina by email at or by phone at (347) 987-8994.

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