In the Middle

Have you ever been in the middle of a discussion and felt as though you’re in a bind? You’re neither in nor out, but caught between two polarized ways of approaching the topic or situation?

Feeling unsure if you should swing right or left? Should you sit quietly or jump in with your thoughts? Or perhaps the “middle” feeling you recently experienced was about being in the middle of a choice and you were not sure which option to choose.

When faced with a choice about which direction you should take, how do you proceed? The sure fire best choice is to follow your heart’s direction. Be true to yourself and your self-integrity.

Layout 1This involves creating a practice of ‘hanging out’ on your ‘witness platform.’ The ‘witness platform’ is a practice of remaining in a neutral position and connecting to the unlimited source of you and observing the situation to a conclusion.

My tag line is Identify your true potential. I hope all of you can discover your true potential based on your integrity. This involves making choices that comes back to your core values because at the end of the day, your life is always between you and you… or you and God.

So when faced with making a decision, you are really never in the middle if you’re within yourself. The miraculous thing about this belief is that your higher self, the all-knowing part of you, will move forward with ease and grace.

Here’s an example. I am not a vengeful person. It is truly not my nature to look at life that way, but when I am confronted with someone who has that mentality, I feel ‘stuck in the middle.’

This middle feeling triggers a reaction of protection and fear that polarizes me, but then my “system” kicks in.

Here is what you can do to create your own witness platform when confronted with a similar situation:

  • Begin with breathing. Allow breath to came in.
  • See yourself standing at a place (imagine a specific image), and become the audience, witness or observer, removing yourself from the “movie.” Soul eyes are watching now.
  • Watch the scene as if it is happening outside you, not happening to you.
  • React from a place of neutrality.
  • Then make your decision based on your integrity.

The practice of the Witness Platform is a powerful form of peace creation within yourself so that regardless of what is happening outside of you. Your inner calm will create a clarity of choice.



(Originally Published October 27, 2013)

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