Independence Sovereignty: It’s the past! (Or is it?)

Happy July 4th!

What a great time to come together with a reminder that the past was the past but might be coming up for healing or to remind us all that our independence or sovereignty is a birthright. The sense of division has seemed to seep into our way of being, maybe making us numb or desensitized to the condition. For empathic people, whatever you are dealing with within your life, challenge or joy there seems to be an undercurrent that is unbalancing.

If you’re facing challenges creating your family and feel a sense of loss or trauma, the emotional sting might feel more. Or if your family has a breakdown within a relationship, whether you’re married or not, there could be a broader impacted sense or feeling.

This is what I have been hearing and seeing with my clients. A super charged atmosphere that is “mine” but bigger. It is important to distinguish between what are your emotional reactions and what is collective and then still take steps to move through to the joy.

The easiest way to move through is to ask for help… to your angels, guides, go to spiritual supporters or to your tribe. Write, say or move… walk away the feelings that are heavy and draining.

The quicker you discharge them the faster you come back into balance. We are no longer required to go deep into them but just identify the uncomfortable and flush our systems free. You are independent within our inter-dependency of each other and we are sovereign beings of love to use at our goodness.

Journal Prompt

Freedom: What does this mean to you?

Where do I feel the most free? Take time and create a list of places that uplift and free your soul! As you might know, I fractured my ankle in May and haven’t been able to do my daily walking which for me was a stress release and meditation time. I had to shift and learn how to accept this and create a new way of connecting inward to peace, stress release and daily practice of self care. I’m doing this exercise right now!!! I hope you do too!

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I am pure love.

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