Infertility and Your Emotional Wellbeing

How Alternative Modalities Help!

We have come a long way in bringing awareness to what a diagnosis of infertility is but we have more work to do about creating space for an open and accepting dialogue about infertility as a mind/body state of being.

Way back when, when I received my diagnosis, I was a jumbled mess of a woman trying to create a family and bear a child. It shifted and changed my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies to a place of being unrecognizable to myself.

The fear was palpable and I felt like I was living in an all or nothing realm of life. But, there was a huge profound shift within me when I changed my focus on what my body wasn’t doing (getting pregnant) to what my body was doing each and every month to move to manifesting a child. It was a practice of perception; a leap of faith. But with the devotion to alternative therapies which addressed all of me, (not just me as a walking uterus) the carry over effects of one modality shifted my entire being.

So, if you are currently knee deep in the middle of creating your family, know for sure you will get to the other side of this journey, maybe not as you planned it exactly; but with your utter devotion to all of you, mind, body, soul and emotional self, you will. What I know for sure now, is every woman within the journey of creation is already a mom, a tiger lioness of a mom doing whatever and however actions are needed.

Does it make sense to incorporate “alternative health modalities” within your journey? I felt like a crazy woman going to yoga, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, mind/body courses and more to bring balance to this uncertainty… but my approach needed to be quieted and I chose the alternative modalities that made my entire self feel at peace and certain…. My few were acupuncture and craniosacral therapy, journaling and nature walks. I believe that combination healed my unhealed parts and created space for my babies to move into a well balanced body of love and harmony!

Reminder! You’re amazing and doing everything that you need to be doing… Take gentle care!

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