Inner Wisdom

INNER WISDOM….might be thought of as a sense of knowing that goes beyond this world. Inner wisdom is your soul knowing who you are and what you should be doing. It is instantly knowing what direction to take and what needs to be done to move you in the direction of your heart’s desire or purpose.

Sometimes it is as radical as changing jobs, moving away or perhaps changing a love interest. But if you ignore the quiet whispering of your heart, you are ignoring your inner directional system.

And here’s what I now know about ignoring that impulse, nudge or whisper.  One way or another, you’ll have to look at whatever it is, willingly or unwillingly. An event will happen that will thrust you into the deep end of your life to look at the hidden resistance.

The part of you that is blinded to the truth in your life: the good, bad and ugly truth.

We are all here to grow and learn and move closer to the source or God.  I am not talking religion, but spirituality and spirit.

I love Oprah’s new show, “Super Soul Sunday.”  On the most recent episode, I watched
“What Delights Rainn Wilson, “ Rainn Wilson portrays Dwight Schrute on NBC’s “The Office’s.

Rainn Wilson is the creator of Soul Pancake, where he is trying to figure out what it is like to be human.

What it is like to be human?

I was struck by Rainn Wilson’s knowledge about the concept of Oneness. Oneness is knowing we are all one together and finding out what it is like to be human.

Take it one step further. If you do something to another person, in fact, you are doing it to yourself and the whole of humanity. We are moving closer together and need to feel that heart connection. Know if you cheat, lie, steal or deliberately set your intention outside of your integrity, then you are doing that to yourself and everyone else.

We are now in the weeks leading up to the celebration of that May day that will not be mentioned, as well as the June date that will not be spoken about.  Let me share a story about a friend who was viciously criticizing her own body. She told me her legs were too big her stomach was flabby and she was fat. I actually got very upset with her because I wouldn’t allow someone else to speak about her in that manner and certainly was not going to allow her to talk so badly about herself.

While I was going through infertility, my internal dialogue was very negative about myself: my mind, body and soul. We are all figuring out what it is like to be human — like Rain Wilson is trying to do through his movie.

So while we are all doing that together, let’s be kind to others and ourselves.

I preach the gospel of feeling and releasing, and feeling and learning about yourself.  In one of my favorite segments of “Soul Pancake, ” which was filmed in a park, they had people write their problems on a balloon and then pop the balloon, and, their problems!

So pop away my beautiful fellow humans. Do you have an insight about us being human that you’d like to share on my Facebook page? Please do so!

Great blessing!

Pop your problems or emotions during the May day (that will not be mentioned) and the June date (that will not be spoken about).


(Originally Published May 12, 2012)

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