Integrating Head and Heart: The EveryDay Certainty System

There have been times in my life when I felt disempowered, tired, and disconnected. During one of the deepest emotional lows, I sat down using my “head” approach and created the EveryDay Certainty System—a practice that has become my go-to during these all-too-familiar moments.

But as I’ve aged (cough, cough) and experienced life’s ebbs and flows, I’ve realized the importance of integrating the heart into the process of regaining grace, power, fortitude, and tempered will.

The EveryDay Certainty System cycle includes elements like gratitude, purpose, and service, with a direct focus on these as an external force. However, the real magic happens when we engage the heart. We are these energies, always, in every way, internally. The quiet connection that is omnipresent becomes louder with focus!

So, I encourage you to download and use the EveryDay Certainty System for May. It has been my go-to emotional balancing practice, and I believe it can bring profound shifts in your life too. DOWNLOAD it as my May Gift to you!

Peace and Love,


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