Get your mind, body and spirit IVF ready

Get Your Mind, Body and Spirit IVF ready!

with Kristen Darcy and Dr Marc Sklar

Are you wondering if IVF is your next step in your fertility journey? Are you prepping for an IVF and want to know what to do to be ready physically and mentally? Are you going through an IVF right now and want to know what to do next to make sure it works? Are you recovering after a failed IVF cycle and wanting to know what to do to help your spirit and body recover faster from the trauma?  

This free video series will help you get through IVF with less heartache and trouble. Register now to get your mind, body and spirit IVF ready! 

Come learn from us so that you don’t have to go through multiple cycles to find out what is going to work for you.


  • You’ll learn what to do BEFORE your IVF to get you mind, body and spirit ready for what’s coming.
  • You’ll know how to face the DURING IVF phase. What to expect and how to stay calm and connected during the process.
  • You’ll understand what your body needs AFTER your IVF to be successful.
  • You will be able to learn from our combined years of experience and working with couples at every stage of their fertility journey.
  • You’ll get three videos dedicated to helping you manifest the ideal IVF cycle from pre-prenatal care to the positive pregnancy test.
  • You’ll learn the tools and techniques that will make your IVF cycle smooth and with less heartache.
  • You’ll benefit from connecting your Mind Body and Spirit in ways that you can carry forward as a parent. 

Each video focuses on the Mind, Body and Spirit during a specific phase of your IVF cycle.


Prepare your mind for the emotional rollercoaster. Prepare your body to get pregnant. Prepare your spirit to hold tight to your dreams of a family.


Keep your mind focused on the goal and calm the mental chatter. Focus your body on doing exactly what it needs to do in order to have a successful cycle. Keep your spirit afloat and your eye on the baby of your dreams.


Let your mind do it’s job. Celebrate all the hard work your body has done. Lift your spirit and get ready for a healthy pregnancy!

Marc Sklar The Fertility Expert

Kristen Darcy The Fertility Coach

This series of videos is a collaboration by Marc Sklar, The Fertility Expert, and Kristen Darcy, The Fertility Coach.

  • Our intention is to help people create their families by offering what we know now.
  • Our intention is to offer connection, support and understanding that you might feel like you are not getting in the “mainstream”.
  • We want to advocate for you, and to help you advocate for yourself.
  • We want to help you develop success strategies that will bring you to the place you have been dreaming and wishing for.  

Register now to get your mind, body and spirit IVF ready!