Jumping Through Hoops!

Have you ever just had a moment of realization that you’re a hoop jumper?

That you are in a constant state of zippity-doo-dooing around, making things happen and holding so many parts of the ecosystems together?

Self-love and self-care consist of protecting yourself. That’s right! Let that sit with you for a second. It’s about protecting your energy, time, creativity and more. There isn’t enough time in a day to allow people who have ill intent to be around you. I call them the shine stealers (read my blog That’s Your Shine here). Some of their behavior is insidious, meaning that you might not realize that they’re stealing your shine as you are busy zippidy-doing around to help the whole.

I recently had a conversation with a forever friend who had that ah-ha moment about a co-worker, aka Shine Stealer. My friend is a go-to person who works at lightning speed, going above and beyond to support her department and others. But then, the shine stealer kept throwing her under the bus for the work that my forever friend was doing for her. Mind you, this is not my friend’s assigned work. It’s the shine stealer’s work.

In our conversation, a self-love, self-care awareness came in. So, my friend took a step back and got rid of the added stress/work/toxic shine stealer stuff.

Shine stealers come in many forms from family, friends, co-workers and frenemies. Protecting yourself can look like getting RID of them! It’s healthy to come from a place of love and do what you need, not what you might chronically do.

Stop jumping through hoops for others is a form of self-love and self-care. The more you protect your energy and consciously contribute, the brighter you’ll shine! Don’t let your time and shine be taken away!

Journal Prompt

Take a look at the Brain Trust Model download and ask yourself, “Who am I surrounding myself with?”

Are the people around you the right support system? Friends/listeners? Fellow dreamers? Spirit nature peeps? Co-players? Champions (ride-or-die peeps)? Mentors/way showers? Come-in-and-get-me bad-ass peeps? Expert resources?

Do you have a sprinkling of all these types of people in your life? Do you need each?

Click here to download the journal prompt.


“I love and accept myself and I surround myself with uplifting people and situations.”

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