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Dear Ones!!! I have to share this with you!

(Given the state of the world I wanted to add that this newsletter has been in the cue to send out long before the invasion of Ukraine. The people of Ukraine are the definition of persistence and I hope we all take time and send our love and support to them.)

The other day all these old memories kept coming into my mind’s eye which at first were a bit startling and then these images sent me down a rabbit hole which was consistent of me searching for a documents that I received through some emails.

To be honest, this situation should’ve been left in the past. An hour later and all of a sudden the “past tracking trance” popped! I was able to view the past situation with a new distanced loving gaze.

Back then, going through this ordeal I was brave and plotted along…. I asked myself what I felt? And what I needed? I wasn’t sure it was a past need or a present need.

Both what I needed back then and now seemed to converge into one big hunking need!

Has this ever happened to you? The past need(s) converge with the present need(s)?

Unbeknownst to me, the warrior persistence energy is always available.

That Princess of POWER persistence even when you don’t see it, feel it or identify with it! That was the energy I was surrounded by and needed. So that day, what I needed was Acknowledgement of my persistence through the difficult time and how that attribute alone made the difference.

When I was going through infertility I came across the term “sub infertility”. My non medical definition of that means: It was that actions, the intention and the treatments affect ALL of me; my mind, body and spirit. And the “sub-fertility” challenges that perhaps aren’t in the forefront of the treatment plan got a carried-over effect of healing energy and action.

It works that way. Understanding and healing ourselves through trauma, loss, abuse and codependency from any point in our life’s timeline. The work that you do, the loving energy that you shower onto yourself of loving compassion and acknowledgement or speaking your truth shifts the situation and makes a change. Sometimes not visible until that time in your life is in the rearview mirror.

My clients possess the most strong, undeterred, unwavering persistence.


Persistence is divine love that has your back!

Take a moment and acknowledge your persistence. Offer up a little, dare I use prayer or perhaps a note of acknowledgement to your persistence.

Journal Prompt

Hello, Persistence… This is what we have done together! Thank you!

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The healing power of your persistence is life changing. Taking a moment to acknowledge and list what your persistence, consciously or unconsciously, has helped you achieve.

Congratulate your path and take all that wisdom forward.

If you’d like to work together and create a plan for a life shift, now is the time!

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