Lemons & Happiness – The Sweetness After the Sour


Can you simultaneously feel happy when you feel as thought you’re only getting lemons in life?

We’ve all heard the line “it’s bittersweet” right? An oxymoron that something is wonderful and awful tasting at the same time.

So can you be happy when life seems to be hitting the skids?

The other day I really found myself in a shit show! Every twist and turn brought me to a bright yellow road and it wasn’t the golden yellow brick one leading me to the emerald castle.

And you know what? I had joy during the nasty, gritty totally off the wall crazy day!

I stopped short and thought I might need an emotional intervention. I was going to call a bestie but to my surprise, the underlying emotion was contentment or a sense that regardless of what was happening to me, I was momentarily flung into sweet contentment or peace. A peaceful sense of badassness if you will and a feeling of “You Cant Touch This!”

Throw as much mud at me as you’d like to see what stick but in the end but I know that “You Can’t Touch This.” No “You Won’t Touch This.”

Crazy huh? You might be thinking she is in total denial. But I wasn’t. I had two feet firmly planted on the ground.

How can you be sweet ‘n sour? Light and heavy? Chaos and calm all at once?

Try looking at the happenings as if they were happening to another person. Be detached and unattached to the outcome because you know deep down in your gut where this mess is going. That will give you unwavering faith it will work out.

No Fear! as Nike says, but there wasn’t fear. Just an “oh no you didn’t” attitude and it was gone.

Collectively we are being hit with the sourness of the soul. The deep ugliness that is being witnessed and exposed needs to come to the surface to be seen and healed.

There is the core of sweetness and loving nature that we have and the duality of these two polar opposites are smacking us right in our face in both our personal lives and on the large screen TV of the collective consciousness of our lives.

Have you had those moments of experiencing the sting of sourness, bitterness or even hatred of self or others? Only to be softened and allow the love light to come in and be the dominant feeling?

We are both the lemon and the lemonade!

So when you are seeing through lemon-colored glasses and the sourness of injustice or judgment of victimization is sensed; be there with it and ask if it is yours? Or is it the whole of humanity’s?

Then ask for sweet love light and healing to come in.

The yellow glow of the light will help up lift us all and that is what we need. An uplifting.

Action Items:

Got that sour feeling?

Ask yourself is it yours or someone else’s?

Call in the angels, light, love vibe, God or whoever is your Spiritual go to person… Jesus? Mother Mary? Mary Magdalene? Kuan Yin?

Ask them to take the sourness from your being or heart and send love to your heart chakra.

Sit for a moment and sense the feelings around this.

You can also put on your spiritual parka, just like you would to go out in a blizzard. Going out now in the sour storm of the universe you need your spiritual parka.

Zip up the spiritual parka and pull up your hood to bring the soft, sweet protection of light energy around all of your four bodies; emotional, physical, spiritual, and ethereal.

It’s easy peezy lemon squeezey.

Feel the sour but live in the sweet.

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