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When my kids were little we would have nightly dance parties where we would pump the music (probably louder than we should have) and just let go and dance! Think David Bowie or Let’s Groove Earth, Wind and Fire blaring and manic movement. It was certainly during some very uncertain time. The movement shifted the denseness of the day and uplifted our moods.

Well, fast forward years to my children being young adults this… coping strategy is still in their lives and very much in the forefront. My daughter recently shared that she uses “dance breaks” during finals when she is studying for her very hard course load.

I have to admit, my habit or practice as energy shifting or clearing has dwindled to almost non-existent… until just a few days ago when my daughter came at the dance break “party” moment hard and reminded me of its importance and FUN. (Read Self Love Calling)

We created a “in da club” playlist from my “era” and we danced hard. Even with my broken ankle we just boogied our little selves crazy! My body remembered the feelings, released and I felt a sparkle get brighter. The seriousness of our lives these past few years and its aftermath has left us quite a distance away from fun loving and joyfully inclined. But what our impromptu dance party break reminded me of is that our true selves haven’t forgotten our innate joy and fun muscle.

We might need a little prodding or self prodding. So what is one fun thing you can do today and for the next seven days? Could be an old distant memory of a fun activity or it can be something new and exciting that can reignite your funny bone! (Not the one in your elbow but the FUN bone!)

With my broken ankle I have felt uncomfortably stuck. As you all know my walking is for stress release and health and not being able to walk my 10K steps per day has me feeling a bit chubby and not myself. The movement through chair dancing and broken ankle boot dancing (stationary) got my energy moving and my heart pumping!

Journal Prompt

What fun activity have I forgotten about or let slip in my life? What is one fun thing I can do today and for the next seven days? Revisit this prompt and jot down how you feel now.

Today: On a scale of 1 to 10 my daily fun number is?

Seven days Later: On a scale of 1 to 10 my weekly fun number is?

Did you do it?

Let’s dance!

Click here to download the journal prompt.


I am joy. I am free. I am love.

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