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How’s your Mental Health?

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. (mentalhealth.org)

I had a recent complimentary initial coaching session with a client and she was in crisis.

Full-blown, knocked-down, dragged-out and emotionally-uncontrollable crisis!

  • She had lost everything.
  • She was homeless.
  • She lost her job (Covid).
  • She discovered infidelity within her long term relationship (multiple times).
  • She discovered that her bank accounts were empty.
  • She was broken. She felt her life was ripped away.
  • She was wondering what she had to live for.

What I learned is that broken can come in different difficult ways and most often it comes with utter destruction.

For me, I think the broken experience from losing my first pregnancy that was an ectopic pregnancy actually changed my mental make-up to the point of being service-driven to help fellow women and couples who experience this similar brokenness. That break changed me too, cracked me wide open, to discuss the feelings, mental obsession and bone-hurting grief that I experienced. (OK, almost to the point of TMI.)

I have come to realize that broken has a pattern and creates an internal jet fuel.

Back to my prospective client and her life moment of breaking, even within her complete breakdown she had bravery to moving ahead into a deep dive within our holistic coaching session, first shifting her focus on her breath helping her come to the present moment (big tip here… when anxious and upset, focus on your breathing; conscious inhale and exhale) then to an amazingly powerful transformational exercise where she was able to access her future vision and embraced to her broken experience’s quiet lessons in gratitude.

When broken drives you to your knees it is OK to take time to feel it, really go there be within the sorrow/sadness/grief and it’s important to balance that dive with an explosive re-entry to the emotional break point. It’s like when you dive under the water and you come up and take that first breath. Diving into the mental body and arising to pure clarity creates a jump shift in perspective.

The number one tip for mental health is first accessing your feelings and naming them. What are they? Feel them. Go ahead and talk about your feelings. Keeping all that mental mambo jumbo swirling around inside stuck within the fight or flight response has you remaining within the emotional traumatic moment over and over again.

It’s time now during this global crisis and cleanse to get that out, be brave and powerful as you are and use those broken energy’s fuel to fuel you to speak your feelings and truth and shift through the armageddon moments in your life crisis to clear your future vision. Then take action. Conscious action.

And guess what? It’s not one and done. Think about what you’re feeling, talk about what you’re feeling and take action to release those feelings to a new vision. Then repeat the cycle. It’s the recovery cycle or like I like to call it, the emotional detox cha-cha.

Think. Feel. Talk. Act. Go within and have an inner event. Then feel those emotions you’re thinking about and release them by taking action towards your future. Repeat.





I leave you with a quote from Dr Joe Dispenza (mad girl crush; seriously super mad girl crush): “Change as a choice, instead of a reaction.” I think the change has to be acceptance of our mental health daily care, no different from caring for our physical body, especially during this uncertain time.

With love,

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