Love Affair


When you hear the words Love Affair what immediately comes into mind?

Perhaps it is the typical meaning of a love affair, ‘a relationship between two twin flames’, or ‘affair of the heart’.  But I am thinking of the other less known meaning, the ‘enthusiasm for, devotion for or passion for’ kind of love affair”.

For 2015, my dream list is a Love Affair which begins with ME!

No more self-bashing, self-criticizing, self-judgment and negative thoughts that distract and lower my love vibration.  My only dream, that has now become my goal in 2015, is to simply, powerfully and passionately love all parts of my life and me!

For 2015 my dream love affair with my life includes my children, family members, friends, my home and my service to others, aka my work.

 I am committed to boldly loving all the selective people, places and things that will be with me on my Love Affair journey and lovingly focus on myself without judgment!  (Luckily, I have so many special, loving co-creators already on the love affair bandwagon!!)  I will be crystal clear and NOT focus on those people, places or things that are not in alignment with this dream’s goal.

What’s on your dream list?

If you’re stuck about your dream or goals list, begin by settling into a loving state and just love you!  Simply commit to being present and thankful for right now, mulling it over and loving it all in the present.

If you’re settled in and then find that something gives you a tweak or a twinge, simply release it. Know that your heart and soul are speaking to you and that whatever the ‘it’ is, you can simply release it.

Love Affair!!  Could it all be as simple as that?



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