Love, Love, Love The Year of Empowering Love!

At the end of last year while I was excitedly developing plans for the tenth anniversary celebration of Love and Infertility: The Year of Empowering Love!, I never imagined I would begin 2014 with the sudden death of my mom.

Sitting on my couch quietly listening to Fernando Ortega on Pandora (I love both of them!) and struggling to find the words to write to you, I suddenly sensed a kick from my mom from across the cosmos! She felt very close for a brief moment. Sensing her loving mother tone, I remembered she had taught me better, which is that what always matters is LOVE! Unconditional Love!

10thLoveInfertilityebook_10My amazing mom taught me that service to the Lord through service to others is a life well lived. The catalyst for writing both my books was to ensure I shared my experiences to help relieve the pain for other women experiencing the challenges of creating their family. Love & Infertility; Survival Strategies for Infertility, Marriage and Life turns 10 years old this year!!!

During 2014 I am offering gifts of Love to you as we embark on the Year of Empowering Love by Sparkling Up! Sparkling up our inner light to love ourselves and, in turn, have that inner love spill over to our families, even during its creation, as well as to all we touch each and every day. Empowering Love & Sparkle UP! has taken on such a deeper meaning for me. I will be adding a “Gingerism” to share the wisdom of my mom from a woman whose life was well-lived, loved and served.

During February, email me at and tell me what you love most about yourself. Is it your eyes or your hands? Is it your sense of style? What about you makes you say “Dang I am so beautiful…..” when you look in the mirror? Do you say that? By the end of the year, we all will be screaming our self-love from the mountaintop!

Stay tune for freebies, tid bits, sharing and so much more! Let me know if you’d like to share your “Sparkle UP tips with us” because we all have moments of heartbreak and pure bliss and we are all in this together!

Great love! And Happy 10th Birthday to Love & Infertility!

(Originally Published February 5, 2014)

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