Are you talking to yourself?
So, are you?

Are you talking to yourself with loving kindness?  Or are you backstabbing yourself with your words?

The other day I noticed I was talking about myself behind my back! Saying terrible things!

Wow!  These jeans are super tight…. Piggly wiggly…

When I sit at my desk!!! I sit at my desk!!!

Being a girl of a certain age, I have noticed a big change in my body and how I am currently feeling within it.

And then started backstabbing myself!!

Here’s what I did.  I took a neon green highlighter and wrote directly on the bottom of my mirror “I love my body.”

Now, each and every morning when the mirror gets fogged up from my super-duper warm shower, I see those letters staring right back at me!

My mom modeled this behavior for me when I was young. After she showered, applied her makeup and styled her hair she would look straight into her eyes in the mirror and say, “God, Ginger you’re beautiful!”

Try this during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Sweet-talk yourself.

Whisper sweet forget-me-nots to yourself!

Dang!  I’m smokin’ hot!

Holy Guacamole I look gorgeous today!

I love you!!!



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