Loving Kindness

Day One of National Infertility Awareness Week: Seven Days to an Easier Way

Did you ever stop to think that this month might be the last month you’re not pregnant?

Really… you could be pregnant this month and never again be a family of two! I know; you probably don’t want to go there… too much self-protection because of past hurt. Been there also. But let’s play a game for a few seconds and open your mind and heart to this concept.

We’ve all heard the saying “seize the day,” but I am asking you to focus on the loving kindness of your current state of being or couple-hood.

Go ahead and not only seize the day but seize the month as the last month you might be a family of two! Take a moment and daydream about this….

Show each other loving kindness and act as if you are in that crazy romantic love stage of a relationship when you can’t keep your hands off each other… Even though we  know that it is all to do with endorphins, right! But that is what I am hoping for you and your husband or partner this month! A month like it was before, before the entire baby creating stuff got in the way.

Loving kindness towards yourself, your body, mind, soul and heart! Today do something totally unexpected for your partner or your relationship! I know you know what it would be to seize the day and moment of a twosome! And even if for some reason this isn’t the last month, ah, what fun and ease you could call into your being for this time…

Check out Ande Lyon’s guest blog about flirting!! ~ oh what fun it is!

(Originally Published April 21, 2013)

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