Loving You! Blessing of the Body, Mind & Soul!

“It is a perfect time to start new projects, access new ideas and give birth to a new condition”
– Doreen Virtue Goddess Card

Ostara is the goddess of fertility and it seems so fitting to share this image with you during April. Ostara is known as Eostre, from which the words east, Easter and estrogen were derived. She brings birth, rebirth and renewal. This is a wonderful time to print and post this card with the intention to bring all of you into balance this month.

OstaraRenewing and balancing the mind, body and soul. Renewal of the mind, body and soul is the theme for April in our celebration of “The Year of Empowering Love!

How do you renew your mind, body and soul after such a long winter and being within the creation journey?

Begin with the blessing of the your body for this month and start with your head and move south over the course of the month.

Here’s a link to the blessing of the body, which I have shared before and use often. My favorite blessing is the heart. Heart: May you develop awareness of what stirs deep within you. May you have a vibrant, compassionate heart, one that is filled with generosity and kindness.

April 20 through 26 is RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association’s “National Infertility Awareness Week,” as many of you know. I don’t allow “infertility” in my word choice, which brings us to this month’s intention of blessing of your body, mind and soul. If the linked blessing doesn’t resonate with you, here’s another approach.

Try beginning with the breath and check inward to see, hear or sense what part of your body needs some love. Is there an ache or pain that is quickly brought into your awareness?

Then “be” with that area within your body and say “thank you” to that area for coming into awareness. Then, send your love to that area of your body and thank it for its service.

Loving you begins within to ripple without. I remember cultivating this practice when I had “fallen out of love” with myself and took all the functioning of my body for granted. I simply began thanking and holding gratitude for all my body did each and every day for myself and for those around me.

When my mom, Ginger, was within her active chemo treatments, we were having dinner at my home. There she sat, all 100 pounds of her, if that, and as I passed her the asparagus, she said: “All the time I wasted dieting and concerning myself with my weight and now look at me. I wish I used that time differently.” This is my Gingerism for the month. My mom was a bit heavy prior to her diagnosis. Through her body’s change and natural aging, she gained weight and was a member of Weight Watchers for years. Looking at her as her body battled with cancer, it was heartbreaking.

In my humble opinion, creating inner balance and living the understanding that our bodies are beautiful and created within the light of the Divine, is time well used. During the month of April, together with the attached Goddess Ostara’s card and with the pearls of wisdom of my mom’s Gingerism, let’s focus on loving ourselves, as we are, all of us.

For these 30 days, honoring and renewing the marvel of ourselves and bless and love ourselves each and every day. For support, inspiration and togetherness, check out the weekly meme for #NIAW on my Facebook page to keep the loving thoughts filled with momentum.

Thank you most beautiful body for all you do each and every day. God! You’re amazing!


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