Tuesday – June 12th
The Doctor Is In: What to Expect When Visiting a Urologist About Fertility Issues

It’s no secret that men are less likely to have a relationship with a doctor than women. So, when a fertility issue comes up, it can be hard to figure out where to get started. Today we are sitting down with a urologist who specializes in male reproductive health to get you an overview of what to expect at a visit with the urologist and some pointers to help you get the most out of the appointment.

About Mary Samplaski, MD

Dr. Samplaski is an internationally recognized leader in Male Infertility, Andrology and Microsurgery. She is committed to the advancement of the field of Male Reproductive Medicine through her research, and she has over 50 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Dr. Samplaski has received numerous awards and accolades for her academic accomplishments, including the prestigious Bruce Hubbard Stewart Award for Humanistic Medicine. She has been interviewed by CNN Heath, the Huffington Post, New York Post, and LA Times.

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Whether you are preparing for an upcoming visit to a urologist or looking to take steps on your own to improve your fertility, the Trak app is a great place to start. The comprehensive questionnaire provides personalized feedback on how your health and habits may be impacting your fertility. It also provides a convenient way to store semen analysis results over time and track your fertility.

3. Get educated.

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What to expect at the male fertility visit

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