Making Dads Summit: For men diagnosed with infertility and the people who love them

Making Dads Male Fertility TelesummitSperm, Varicoceles, erectile dysfunction, undescended testes, retrograde ejaculation, sperm count, sperm motility, forward progression, sperm morphology, semen volume, heat, alcohol consumption, smoking, anabolic steroids, STD, male stress, financial stress…. 
It’s all about you guys!  For the last 8 weeks or so, we (meaning my co-host Sara Naab and I) plus our respective staff have been saying, talking and lining up specialist to address all of the above topics as it relates to men’s health and male infertility.  
You might know that last year we brought together some of the leading specialist in Men’s Health & Male infertility and openly discussed topics, some tougher than others, as it relates to becoming a father. 
June 15-19th we’re gathering together again to openly share, care, support and love you guys! 
Please click here to review the schedule for the summit as most of last years presenters are back again like Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Dr. Michael Feinman, Dr. Werthman, The Drive for Men’s Health Doctors, Marc Sedaka, author ‘What to Expect When She is Not Expecting’,  Tamara Green the Love Expert and Amelia Demma, Esq.  Among the speakers we are adding  this year are Dr. Paul Turek , Dr. John Gray of  ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ , Marc Sklar, Co-Author of ‘Secret to Conception’, The Clyde Brother’s of their short film “If Only I Could Tell You” and so many more.  
Register today to be included in the goodie give-away and get our exclusive ‘Watch Page’ ALL of the Google hangouts. 

If you have Girly Girl Parts! You’re not excluded.  Just because the week is all about the sperm, and male stuff doesn’t mean you’re not included.  Listen in and learn, support and share about your journey as it relates to the mind, body and soul of becoming parents.  
Did you know that June is named for the goddess Juno and she is the Queen of the Gods?  Juno is also the goddess of Marriage and Childbirth, let’s keep her in mind all month as we welcome the spring equinox on June 21st.  


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