The Making Dads Summit:  For men diagnosed with infertility and the people who love them.

making-dadsSperm, varicoceles, erectile dysfunction, undescended testes, retrograde ejaculation, sperm count, sperm motility, forward progression, sperm morphology, semen volume, heat, alcohol consumption, smoking, anabolic steroids, STD, male stress, financial stress and morning wood.

It’s all about you guys!  For the past few months, my co-host Sara Naab and I, plus our respective staff, have been talking about and lining up top experts and specialists to address all of the above topics as they relate to men’s health and male infertility.  

You may be aware for the past three years Sara and I have brought together the leading specialists in Men’s Health & Male Infertility. Our mission was to openly discuss topics, some tougher than others, as they relate to becoming a father.  Our intention is to bring the focus on the male journey to Fatherhood when trying to conceive becomes a medical diagnosis.

June 13-17th we’re gathering together again to openly share, care, support and love you guys! 

Please click here to view the schedule for the summit. There are many returning presenters including Dr. Michael Eisenberg, Dr. Michael Feinman, Dr. Werthman, The Drive for Men’s Health Doctors, Marc Sedaka, author of What to expect when she is not expecting, Tamara Green the Love Expert, and Amelia Demma, Esq. with the additions of Dr. Paul Turek and Dr. John Gray of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” and Marc Sklar, Co-Author of Secret to Conception. Rounding out our summit are The Clyde Brother’s of the documentary film “If Only I could Tell You” and many new faces like April Lane, Carol Lesser, Cary Carbonaro, Allison Meier, Nikki Wehmeir, Dr. Eric Seaman, Wendy Litner, Amanda Micheli and a few men who are remaining anonymous but generously sharing their experiences.

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If you have Girly Girl Parts! You’re not excluded. 

Just because the week is all about sperm and male stuff doesn’t mean you’re not included.  Listen in and learn, support and share about your journey as it relates to the mind, body and soul of becoming parents.  I’ll be speaking on Tuesday about What To Do When It’s Not You.


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