Making This Holiday Sexy Fun: 11 Hot Flirting Tips For Couples TTC

Guest Blog by Tamara Green.

Want to have fun this holiday season? Try sexy flirting with your partner and getting on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list – all at the same time.

It’s easy for couples to get into a rut and forget the fun and spicy side of their relationship, especially when trying to create a family. This holiday season decide that it will be sugar and spice and everything nice (or not!) for you and your partner. Flirting, smiling, being daring and trying something new releases some wonderful ‘happy hormones’ that can jazz up even the most stressed couples who are trying to conceive.

Here’s some ideas that’ll shift your focus from mechanics to sexy fun! Even if you only try one of the hot flirting tips, don’t be surprised if she’s purring like a kitten and he’s coming back for more – Ooh La La!!

Tamara’s Hot Flirty Holiday Tips:

  1. During holiday parties, show up separately and pretend you don’t know each other. Then, pick each other up. Have fun using pick up lines like, “Have we met before?” or “What’s your sign?”
  2. While at a gathering, smile at your guy/gal from across the room, look away and smile at them again. Flirting releases the oxytocin hormone, which increases your attraction to one another.
  3. Imagine your partner as your favorite dessert. Tell him/her what that dessert is and say something like, “Later, I’m going to devour you like my favorite Tiramisu!” Yummy!
  4. Ladies, be alluring by playing with your hair or jewelry while listening intently to your guy.
  5. Men are visual and love the adventure of surprise, so at that holiday party, write a question on a cocktail napkin and slide it across the table to him while smiling and winking. What you write could be as simple as, “What can I get you to drink?”
  6. Guys, tell your lovely lady how delicious she looks, how sexy she is and how she turns you on.
  7. Get the juices flowing by telling your partner, with a wink, that you bought them a “surprise” or “naughty” gift that has to be opened in private…”later”
  8. Let your admiration show by taking in every inch of your beloved’s body (whether clothed or not) with your eyes. Start with their feet moving up very slowly and deliberately until you reach their eyes, at which point you smile seductively. Let them know that you like what you see.
  9. Get an App for couples. Go ahead and Google “Apps for lovers” and see what’s out there for sexy and fun messaging with your special someone. Foreplay messaging can really get the juices flowing.
  10. Ask questions you don’t normally ask, such as, “What’s your wildest fantasy? I’d like to help fulfill it.”
  11. Get ‘in the mood’ by giving a foot rub to your partner. This lowers the energy out of that stinkin’ thinkin’ head. At the same time, tell your partner how much they turn you on or what you plan to do to them. Anticipation is a great way to get the energy flowing in the ‘right’ places.

Flirting with your partner, especially during the process of fertility scheduling takes guts and confidence. It means you have to be light-hearted and open to fun and new experiences. Therefore, you actually may get nervous because you are stepping out of your routine and comfort zone. That’s OK, just take a few deep breaths and do it anyway, in spite of your nerves. Trust me, your efforts will be well worth it.

For a quick and easy boost to your confidence, check out my very active and fun guided meditation on audio and video called Sexy Irresistible YOU (See Tamara’s Hot Pick). It will ground you, heighten your senses and give you a real boost of confidence. With all of your efforts in making your bundle of joy, it’s time to get daring and spice things up. This holiday, make sure you make Santa’s ‘Naughty List’ and have fun while doing it!!

tamaragreenTamara Green, LCSW is a veteran Loving Relationship Expert, Psychotherapist, Meditation Facilitator and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is proficient in helping singles to find their soul mates and get married and couples to heal their issues – all while authentically falling in love with themselves in the process<, which is essential for long lasting loving relationships. Elle Magazine dubs her the “Soul-centered Psychotherapist and Loving Relationship Expert.” She is an exciting catalyst for profound healing and has devoted her life to helping people rise out of pain and fear and into overflowing abundance and meaning through the relationships they have with themselves and with others. As well as working 1-on-1, Tamara runs teleclasses and workshops that takes her clients on an exciting and insightful journey of recognizing the falsehoods in their life, removing the blocks, and clearing the path to awakened living and loving. With her reputation as an energy healer, intuitive and seer, Tamara inspires people to operate from their Highest Self and actualize their dreams of a loving relationship. In keeping with her strong belief of being of loving assistance to the world, she runs a complimentary weekly international meditation group via webcast or phone called Miracle Mondays Meditations, and all are invited to attend.

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