Protect Your Sperm & Fertility with Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Cases

Guest Blog Post by Harry Gardiner, WaveWall Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

Studies show that electromagnetic radiation from phones can cause male infertility. The radiation passes through nearby body tissue and can damage the all-important sperm function, making it slower, weaker, and more likely to be badly formed, all of which contributes to infertility in men. Mesh_Diagram_Optimised_large

The solution is an anti-radiation cell phone case that blocks 85% of radiation without affecting how the phone works at all. WaveWall is an attractive leather case with different hand-stitched color finishes to choose from and soft lining to avoid everyday scratches and scuffs. The shielding layer is only on one side – deflecting mobile phone radiation away from his sensitive areas but not affecting phone signal or reception. Stylish, practical and safe, protection for the phone and, more importantly, the man. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.06.26 PMIf you are hunting for a holiday present for the cell phone-toting man in your life you might be thinking you want something stylish, or maybe practical, but you might not know you can get a gift to protect him from the effects of cell phone radiation on his body – or that you might need to.

Learn more about the effects of Mobile Radiation and check out all the WaveWall Products:

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  1. Few weeks ago a friend of mine was giving suggestion about such phone cases on Facebook that is available from vendors in small USA cities and listed on Ebay USA having heavy discount. They also bundles signal blocking sticker for mobiles to be put on the antenna area for reducing radiation.

    1. Hello, Thanks for visiting my site and the info. It is very important for men to be aware of their #fertility.

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