March Newsletter: Are You the Windshield or the Bug?

Do you know where you are in the cycle of creation?

Sometimes when a crisis or trauma hits, we fixate on the No, what we don’t want to experience in our life.  We know in our heart of hearts what the Yes feels, looks and will be like, but for some reason the NO seems to override the Yes and we find ourselves with a sense of internal conflict.

So how do you deliberately focus on the Yes of creation?

Many of you know that I love Doreen Virtue’s card decks. If you’ve had a private session with me or listened to a tele-workshop, you know I have a practice of choosing a card for each event.  And miraculously the card is spot-on accurate for the group or person.

Well, I had the opportunity to pull a card from the Hick’s deck, which is new to me, and this line stood out for me:

Saying Yes and saying No are the same thing in creation because you draw both experiences into your energy field… what are you saying No to that you are focusing your attention on?

When I was in a treatment, I would constantly shut down the inner dialogue of No or a negative result, which only made the NO voice louder.

When we accept both the Yes and the No fully we gain inner peace.  Knowing where you are in the cycle of the wheel of creation —  the up or the down cycle, the Yes or the No, the windshield or the bug — is all part of personal growth.

Shadow work was the focus of Debbie Ford, God Bless her, as she passed this month, and she is the author of the Dark Side of the Light Chasers, which delves into the understanding of our No’s or the shadow aspects of self

Knowing the feeling of being the windshield and the bug, or losing and winning, I believe creates a deeper sense of gratitude towards our abundance.

This month, practice calling out if you’re feeling like the windshield — powerful, strong and resilient — or like the bug that life is splattering around without focus!

Call it out, name it and feel it… then move on because the cycle will change.


(Originally Published March 9, 2013)

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