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 ‘It’s a Guy Thing’ Fertility Tele-Summit, June 9-13, 2014

 Acclaimed experts will address the medical and emotional aspects of male fertility in ways geared towards how men think – by focusing on what is in their pants.

 Sandwich, MA, May 19, 2014: During the week of June 9 through 13, 2014, some of the nation’s most prominent male fertility experts will be addressing a wide range of topics related to this subject, including what every man needs to know about his fertility, how to optimize it either through conventional or natural methods, cancer and infertility, the stress of sex, and how guys deal with this emotionally-charged issue.

Nearly 40% of infertility can be traced to the male partner, yet relatively few educational and support resources are focused on men. Often men feel like failures and frustrated by not being able to ‘fix’ the problem, regardless of the origin of their medical issues.

Kicking off during Father’s Day week, which also coincides with Men’s Health Week, the tele-summit’s sessions will be presented with heavy does of humor and self-deprecation, which is how many men like to communicate about these sensitive issues that often can ‘deflate’ their self-esteem. Since it is a telesummit, participants can listen in the safety and comfort of their man cave and participate while drinking a beer, either in real-time or by downloading the recorded version.

Kristen Darcy, a fertility coach and author of the award-winning Love and Infertility, is the event co-organizer with Sara Naab, author of the light-hearted guide to male infertility, Don’t Cook Your Balls, and an executive of TrakFertility, a startup company that has created a home male fertility test. Says Darcy: “We want to create a unique forum specifically for men, as well as for the women who love them and the professionals caring for them. Just like their partners, we know men also are seeking answers to their fertility challenges and hope they find this forum a fun and enjoyable vehicle to learn how they can take back control of what can seem like a hopeless, embarrassing situation.”

Some of the confirmed speakers include male fertility specialists Dr. Paul Turek and Dr. Michael Eisenberg; infertility doctors Dr. Vasiliki Moraginni and Dr. Randine Lewis; entrepreneurs Sara Naab and Josh Shoemaker, inventor of Snowballs; fertility advocate Davina Fankhauser of Fertility Within Reach; authors Marc Sedaka and Greg Wolfe; and bloggers Chris and Candace from

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About Kristen Darcy

In addition to being an author, Ms. Darcy offers coaching services to individuals challenged with infertility, as well as works with clinics and other fertility providers to help them serve their patients more effectively.  She speaks at workshops and conferences around the country. She has been highlighted in national publications and broadcast media including NBC’s The Today Show, Woman’s World magazine, PBS’ Health Week and The Boston Globe.  For more information about Kristen Darcy and the summit, please visit

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