Let’s talk about the importance of men’s reproductive health

Sperm counts have been on decline for several decades and it’s time that we start talking about it.

June is Men’s Health Month.

I’ve been busy preparing for the Making Dad’s Summit and reflecting on how much people still don’t know about health and fertility, particularly for men.

For instance…

  • Obese men are 20X more likely to have a low sperm count.
  • Men with low sperm count are at significantly higher risk of low testosterone, osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
  • A few months of healthier living has been shown to positively impact sperm quality.

My good friends at Trak work really hard to spread the word about the link between male fertility and men’s health. They recently shared this cool infographic about reproductive health that is a great overview of why it is important to make sure a guy gets a full workup with a urologist if he has an abnormal semen analysis. It could literally save his life.

Please help me in spreading the word about the importance of men’s reproductive health this June by sharing this on social media.


Infographic about men's reproductive health and why it's important to get a workup from a urologist.

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