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As an Infertility Coach and Motivational Speaker Kristen Darcy has spoken at Fertility workshops and conferences around the country.

“Kristen has the unique ability to speak to fertility patients on their level by sharing her own experiences with infertility.  Her books are continually praised by  fertility patients and medical professionals alike.”

-Village Fertility Pharmacy

“Kristen Darcy presented at Novartis’ Working Parents Connection. She provided insights, strategies and tips for immediate use for our employees experiencing infertility. The following month proved to be valuable for the employees who attended the webinar.” – Jenny Yessaian, RN, MBA, Novartis Oncology

“It was a true pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with Kristen during The Mind Belly Connection Fertility and Wellness Summit, as Love and Infertility had such a huge impact on me during my own fertility journey. Kristen really teaches us that big shifts can happen through simple changes. Starting each day by saying “THANK YOU”. Wow, what a different way to begin the day; what a different energy to step in to each day with.” – Molly Nichols, Founder and CEO, The Mind Belly Connection

More About Kristen

Kristen Darcy, author of Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion (First Books Library, 2000) and Love & Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life (LifeLine Press, 2004), is the advisor, supporter, and friend infertile women need A well respected Fertility Coach Ms. Darcy offers fertility coaching services to individuals challenged with infertility, as well as works with clinics and other fertility providers to help them serve their patients more effectively. Darcy has served as an expert on the emotional aspects of infertility, testifying before the US Senate in the spring of 2000 about the importance of government funding for fertility research and holistic treatment. She has been highlighted in national publications and broadcast media including NBC’s The Today Show, Woman’s World magazine, PBS’Health Week and The Boston Globe.

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