The Year of Empowering Dreams

A long, long time ago when I learning to relax my intense type A  personality traits, I focused on using my will to create; pushing and shoving my energy towards a goal and tried creation by pure force.

This was true for my fertility journey as well. I thought that I could out run the present moment and force the manifestation of my dream child by blinded force!!!

Oh how totally wrong I was!

As I have often shared, January 1st of each year was the day I brought thought to paper and completed my Dream List and pick the top three to be my goals for that year.

That is all lovely and powerful.  But for me, and for most people when there is an interruption into the cycle, dream listing, writing it down and then manifestation, fear creeps and the anxiety skyrockets.

The ending and beginning cycle begins anew on January 1, 2015 offering the hope and promise of our heart’s desires; a fresh clean slate to check inward and determine what we are dreaming now, another year older and wiser.

So what are you dreaming?  Do you know?

For 2015 I am committing to the theme of Empowering Dreams.  Last year we celebrated the  10th year anniversary of my second book, Love and Infertility and my offering of  focusing on loving others and ourselves.  But, something was echoed throughout 2014 from my clients, colleagues and my personal experience.

Learning to fall back in love with ourselves after a life trauma takes practice and awareness, and it also create a ripple out to everyone we touch.  The echo was the shift of relearning about our journey and us.  Loving-kindness.

Now with love as a foundation and empowerment; the love theme will continue too this year. It is really learning how to flame the sparks of our true hearts desires.   As you think about your future over the next twelve months plan on listening in to the Tell All Tuesday, January 20, 2015 @ 6:30pm call this month as I take you through a powerful goal setting exercise.

Don’t believe me?  Read Tara Roberts guest blog! I was questioning if I should continue with this work and at the RNE conference up comes Tara!  Read her blog and you will be drawn to call in on Tuesday, January 20th @ 6:30pm and Empower Your Dreams!

Also, I have fallen in love with Ashley Whittenberger’s art,

What are you dreaming of?  Be wild!

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