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Last month’s article described ridiculous fear and how when we find ourselves firmly entrenched in fear, we lose our heart connection and our old mind or ego overrides the “you” system.

The old ego’s job is to make sense of life’s happenings and keep you in a box — the safety box.

During my fertility treatments, I refused to use the word infertile. I referred to myself as being fertility challenged and defined this as a momentarily blip in the ability to connect to my energy of life creation. I just couldn’t utter the word infertile because I knew that I wasn’t.

Here’s the thing though. If you stuff down the feeling behind fertility challenged, it truly doesn’t matter what your logical brain names the situation, it all will be viewed the same. So what are you calling your current life experience?

Here’s a place to start.

I am feeling ______! Or ask yourself what you are feeling. And stay with the waves of emotion until you get to the core one. You might start with anger or anguish and then peel the layer and find sadness and then peel the layer again and find exhaustion. And then you get to the core of the emotion and feel just plain confused. After all the peeling, feel the release and then the joy of coming into balance.

You are not your experience; you actually are constantly in balance, peace and love. But you must listen inward and accept this as truth.

Start with the feeling and then name what’s happening. If you get in the habit of trusting your feelings and are honest with yourself about them, you begin to create a stamina of trust, connecting to your consistent flow of empowerment from within!! Then the experience will pass by you and you can observe it rather than allowing it to become the script of the “you” movie.

I feel extremely blessed to have the privilege to work with so many wonderfully powerful women during their family creation journey.

Naming the feeling brings a sense of freedom to the moment. It takes a practice of saying things like:

Saying: “I am feeling extremely frustrated because I am not pregnant.” versus “I will never get pregnant.”

“I am feeling so alone” versus “No one understands.”

Can you see the difference?

I often say that feelings are like your undies…. You should check and make sure you changed them daily if they don’t go with your outfit!!!

Feelings are forever changing. You need to practice conscientiously making the commitment to acknowledging, releasing and choosing happiness and balance because that is who you truly are.


(Originally Published July 7, 2013)

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