New Beginnings With Kristen Darcy

New Beginnings.

If you don’t have something nice to say… Don’t say anything at all!

My mother taught me this as an important value as I was growing up…. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all! It’s much better to hold your tongue and not retaliate with a negative retort.

So, for the past few years, I really have said nothing at all about what transpired on a personal level during my divorce process from my ex-husband.

My aim was to keep it private and focus on moving forward.

During my silence, I developed an even greater sense of self-awareness while grieving the ‘illusion’ of my marriage. I noticed what was “real” about my life that was falling away.

I am now breaking my silence about what I know now that I wish I knew then about the “systemic” issues within a divorce life transition with children and the label “high conflict”.

I remember the internal nudge, no it was more of a powerful drive, to share my personal fertility journey and come out of the closet. I did it in order to help other women and couples through this very intimate creation period that gets thrust out of the privacy of their bedroom into the very public medical industry.

Now years later, without any emotional charge to what transpired through becoming unmarried with children, my calling is to do similar work within the world of the court system. I am launching my new product line entitled “Divorcing with Grace” which provides tips, strategies, and insights that are focused on YOU to help you maintain your integrity and stay connected to the universal Divine; even though on some days you just want to grab a hand full of mud and start flinging it!

Both my mother’s wisdom and the wisdom gained through obtaining my education degree taught me the skill of helping children separate the action from the person. Or another way to say it is redirecting away from the personal attack and instead addressing the incident and getting to know your triggers.

Divorcing with Grace is a choice. My intent is to create a community to help families during this heart-breaking transition and to help them become aware of their own personal emotional roller coaster within the legal system. The legal system, which is set up as a win/lose case scenario…. Just know that upfront and foremost.

Check back often and I’ll be including insights and strategies throughout the blog and newsletter. Also, check out the new CD Divorcing with Grace. No matter what stage you’re in, thinking about divorce, beginning the process, right in the ugly middle, or nearing the end, the emotional support shared will help you create your own emotional resilience.

Believe me, emotional resilience is what is needed to maneuver you to the other side!

I am also looking for women and men alike to share their stories about how when pushed into a corner and faced with choices that you had to make you stayed within your grace…. Your integrity.

Please feel free to contact me here>

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