May Cycle Strategies (Part III): Two Weeks to the END!

The days of waiting! (Damn you two week wait!) 

  • Pamper Yourself. Daily. What fills up your cup? Ensuring that it is half fhopeilled daily makes the journey go smoothly. Sounds a bit like a “spoon full of sugar” doesn’t it? What’s your sugar??? Creating this habit now will be so helpful when you’re a parent. Spoon away!
  • Hold Hope. It is such a balancing act to hold hope and also prepare for the possibility that this cycle won’t work. Hope and surrender go hand-in-hand and you can stay grounded in hope by reminding yourself that you have done everything possible and all is well right now. A positive practice is to focus on this time as an opportunity to create memories with or without a spouse or partner. Because in a few short weeks your life will change in so many ways when you do see those two purple lines.


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