May Cycle Strategies (Part I): There are three things you can do today

Starting a treatment cycle today? Here are three self-care strategies to beginning when beginning a treatment cycle.

  • Clear your schedule. During a cycle do not take on added activities! An IUI or IVF cycle is like another full time job. Practice saying: “I can’t possible do one more thing” Trust me, 10 years from now no one will remember if you did or didn’t “do” something.
  • Keep a “level log”. When you receive your daily instructions ask for your blood level and keep a log. This adds to the knowledge base of what is happening to your body and gives you a sense of control about your journey.
  • Write a daily journal, perhaps to your child. Journal about what is happening in your life or perhaps jot down some feelings and experience as you create space for a new part of your life to begin. What an amazing keepsake for your child’s teenage years! Vent away releasing frustrations, fears, concerns and emotions. Document the time leading up to parenthood.


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