Positive Assumptions To Positive Self-Perception

Five Weeks Five Tips to Cultivate Self-Love – Week 3

Let’s try focusing on integrating the habit of Positive Perception.

Positive Assumptions & Positive Self-Perception

Let’s move away from setting ourselves up and mentally hitting ourselves hard!

Positive assumptions are a habitual training, it could go like this…. “I really feel (fat, ugly or scared) and know that I won’t do this”. Instead, think about the “this” and refrain from the outcome.

John Gottman talks about positive perception as it relates to a spouse or partner and if you think of them in a negative projection, for example he/she never cleans the dishes, or they don’t finish what they started. The negative projection has your brain looking for what they’re doing wrong vs. what they are doing well within your relationship.

That same negative projection onto yourself affects your self-love quotient or positive self perception. The negative self-talk creates more negative self-talk.

Try: Shifting to sweetness. The sweet, calm and empowering  inner conversation at first might feel uncomfortable but then you train your brain to look for the wonderfulness in you! Because You are simply amazing!


I make the right choices.
I make the decisions.
I am enough.
I am worthy.

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