14 Days of Compliments



14 days of Compliments

So often in my coaching sessions, I hear such harsh self-talk from my clients and I wanted to give you the gift of a 14 Days dose of self-love practice.  For the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the day of LOVE, I have shared the 14 daily compliments, and I am challenging you to write them down in your own hand (no electronic device use). Jot it down in your journal, in your calendar, or on a sticky note, and reflect on how that day’s compliment affects you.  What feelings does it trigger?  Hoping these compliments remind you of your greatness and how we all need you!

Then after the 14 days are completed, choose the one that tugged at your heart, the one that perhaps made you have goosebumps, the chills, or maybe even cry. Pick that one, and write it for 21 days!

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