Divorcing with Grace (Downloadable MP3)


In Divorcing With Grace, Kristen explains the brief but life-changing Divorcing With Grace System.

Going through a divorce can leave you feeling as though you have your head down and getting through to the other side! Maybe anxious, overwhelmed, sad, depressed and grieving.

It’s okay to dream Again!

It’s important to pause for a moment and access your dream of a new life and cultivate goals for this time and beyond. Afterwards, for 21 days you will set a daily intention – I’ll explain how. You will learn how to search your soul, give comfort to yourself through your daily Nurturing Items which will transform your perspective in profound ways.

The fuel for the entire system is your Daily Gratitude Listing which will invite you to change your perspective even more and embrace a new way of living!

What clients are saying about Divorcing With Grace:

“I don’t know if it’s magical thinking, positive thoughts or just plain coincidence, but I encourage people to make their own Dreams List. You never know what will happen; putting your dreams or wishes out into the universe makes them available for fate to make them happen.” – TR