Dr. Bill Petok


The stress of Sex: rising to the occasion

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About Dr. Petok: Bill Petok earned his doctorate from the University of Maryland in 1978. Before entering full time independent practice, he worked as a psychologist in the public sector in both Baltimore and Anne Arundel County. His postdoctoral training includes a year at the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C. and an externship at Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Hospital in the Sexual Dysfunctions Clinic. His practice focuses on the problems that individuals, couples and families experience in daily life, including anxiety, depression, stress, marital and family relationships. He also has several areas of special expertise: Sex Therapy and Counseling for Fertility Problems.

Dr. Petok has been teaching physicians about human sexuality since 1984 when he began training OB/GYNs at Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital residency program. He is a frequent speaker to health care professionals around the country on topics related to the treatment of sexual dysfunction.