Remember to Ask for HOPE Today!

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Feeling Hopeless? Well, have you tried asking for hope?

have hopeIn real time, when you’re having a hopeless feeling and a hopeless moment, when the hopeless sense hits you so hard – your despair and longing for a child might turn into a physical ache.

In that moment, stop and ask for divine hope to be poured down upon you and also add the mantra: “I receive everything that I need right now.”
Simply stating mentally, quietly, inwardly (or if you’d like to, shout it!) what you are in need of shifts the dense energy to that of the light. Shift your awareness and focus on peace and hope – shift it to what you want, not what you don’t want.

Here’s a quick exercise. Remember to sprinkle in the powerful mantra

“I receive everything that I need right now.”

  1. Call in the Divine energy of peace and hope.
  2. Close your eyes, place your feet firmly on the floor and take a deep cleansing breath.
  3. With your eyes closed, imagine a great beam of white light being poured over onto the top of your head, flowing down your back, covering your eyes and face, down the front of you, with the white light flowing down over you, releasing all the tension and stress associated with your current situation.
  4. Let the white light be a shower of water, flowing down over your legs to your feet, turning into a puddle on the floor and draining away from you.
  5. Feel the tension and stress of your life melting away.
  6. With a deep breath, slowly open your eyes and release your breath.
  7. Repeat and breathe in peace and hope.

Repeat often!

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