Revert to the Last Save

The other morning in the rush of getting ready for the day there came a moment where I swear my head could have swiveled completely around. Did you ever have that moment?

You set off to do something and in mid effort you find you have forgotten where you were going in such a hurry, but in your mind you knew it was an intrical part of getting everyone out the door to their prospective places. Total lack of recall.

So there I stood, wet hair in a towel, bathrobe partially closed, laundry basket on my hip staring into space. Lost.

My son, an X- Box gamer at 13 years old was in the middle of the morning madness and while saving his latest round on his sky rim game said something to the effect, “I like how you can revert to the last save in the game if you don’t like your last round.”

Revert to the last save. What if we could do just that in the moments of blankness? Revert. Get back to where you started from. Get a do over. Continue

The March daylight savings calling in the spirit of spring and renew offers another go around, perhaps not the laundry basket on the hip go around but the rebirthing of self go around.

The offerings of a new beginning in the creative cycle, here’s a thought or insight we always have a revert to last save option if that is your choice. But what about moving forward know that divine guidance will bring peace to what ever place you find yourself…. Even if it is with wet hair and a laundry basket on your hip.

My mission for 2012 is to get down and dirty with our emotional dualities in life, despair vs. faith, adversity vs. prosperity, gratitude vs. ungrateful, loneliness vs. content.

How do our human emotional polarities show up in your life and how do you “deal” with them?

Homework. The theme of so many of my clients’ and friend’s life is total unexpected life turmoil, not oh my I have a hang nail turmoil but, life and death turmoil.

Being presented with either a total explosion and melt down of how thing were and awaking with a sense of how did this just happen?

Your assignment if you choose to accept it. Get down a dirty with one emotion for 15 minutes a day or every other day, using your journal or notebook letting your pen dance on your paper pick one emotion and dialogue with it. Then leave the writing for a bit and return and read what your heart wisdom’s has shared.

Look for peace today! Kristen


(Originally Published on March 17, 2012)

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