Ridiculous Fear

The other day I had a rant, a total unexpected unnecessary rant.

Words flew out of my mouth filled with piss and vinegar.

Has that happened to you recently? The “you,” who typically is cool and calm, just snaps under the pressure.
The pressure of it all….The pressure of holding it about_kristenall together;

The pressure of juggling it all, and then the last speck of pressure comes in. It could be a simple request:

  • A request to change an appointment;
  • A request to do one more thing;
  • A request that you don’t agree with; or
  • A request or information that causes a change.

And Kaboom! The you, the one you know to be your truth, just blows! 
Some foreigner takes over you and you know in that instance, regret will soon follow.

It’s fear again. Ridiculous fear overruns your perspective.  Ridiculous fear interrupts your connection with your heart and short-circuits your mind.

So what can you do when your heart connection gets that static interruption?  
Here a to-do list!

Look at your feet.
  • Ground yourself.
  • Then call in your angels and ask for help with acknowledgement.
  • Acknowledge your reaction.
  • Acknowledge your true feelings behind the reaction.
Take responsibility for your reaction.  Own it!
  • Breathe.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes, if there is a receiver of the reaction, Remember the more you take the stance of resistance the more you’ll be met with resistance.

Apologize if needed.

Love yourself. Giggle at yourself. 
Acknowledge your learning as learning.

Thank the ridiculous fear.

Go in peace.

(Originally Published May 31, 2013)


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