Say Goodbye to Toxic Energy, People & Situations!

I’m coming out again! Back in 2000, I published Girlfriend to Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion because I longed for a fellow fertility warrior. Back then it was pre-internet google searching at 2:00 am in the morning.

I poured my story into Girlfriend to Girlfriend and traveled the country, speaking with a mission of bringing hope to fellow warriors. Through my speaking, I met so many women like me, filled with the deep organic desire to be mothers and experiencing this terrible tug of war between their body, mind and emotions. Out of these conversations came Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Infertility, Marriage and Life in 2003 and more speaking and coaching.

Then I found myself within another world that I was ill prepared for, and I felt isolated and heartbroken again… the divorce court world. Talk about the bottom falling out and feelings of the shitshow hitting the fan. The blessing of the blindsightedness of this high conflict divorce stuff cracked me open once again, making me feel a bit like Humpty Dumpty.

Then my mom received her diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Twelve weeks after the diagnosis, she passed. Life was chaotic, numbing and felt like armageddon, the end of my world as I knew it. Seven years later, I am still claiming and commanding some of my lost pieces to return and ascend to a higher level of self love and life. Once again, using my hard-won wisdom to provide a hand up to other fellow women travelers.

Which brings me to spring 2021!

We have to keep marching forward within to change the without. And I will be sharing a brand new offering beginning in March. If you’re on my list, you’ll still receive my monthly blog and newsletter which will contain a YouTube video link and a monthly downloadable with the concept or spiritual practice for you to try and integrate into your spiritual toolbox. My philosophy behind my books has been to provide a menu of options knowing that not all of the strategies, tips or insight held within them will resonate with everyone. Instead, I aim to offer the readers various options, very much like a restaurant menu, so that you have a choice to include what will practically fit within your life.

This information is forthcoming in a long processed book but I wanted to begin making it available to my clients and subscribers. This is the coming out that I mentioned at the beginning. If you have worked with me, heard me speak or read my blogs, books or guest articles, you’ll know that I am grounded deeply first in spirituality, the energy of a situation and how to shift and use alchemy to change the situation… to move out the toxic energy, situation or away from people who are life force suckers.

Each month I’ll post a video on my YouTube channel and there will be a downloadable homework supplement for your use. If you join and subscribe to the monthly offerings there will be a group coaching call you can dial into to share your experience with the energy work guide and suggestions. (Please feel free to email me at if you have a topic or questions that you’d liked covered.)

This is a new offering that will be for people who are really committed to changing their life circumstances and willing to commit to doing their personal work.

Are you committed to improving your current life situation?

To be honest, I have been working and coaching for decades and want to assist others who are my ideal clients and are READY! Slackers need not apply! This will be an elite group of people who are gonna get down and dirty and grow! It takes courage and dedication and it is worth it!

If you’re ready for your beautiful future now, then watch out for my email in March.

For the rest of February, I still have the following three POWERFUL HEALING options for you.

Option 1: One-on-one private coaching session

This is a personalized private coaching session where you and I will dive deep into what is heavy on your heart and might be blocking you from moving on.  ($300 in value. Now just $133 for a limited time. Available for February only.) Click here to book a session.

Option 2: Healing After Heartbreak – 31 Days of Healing Affirmations

Are You Ready to Move on? Download the Healing After Heartbreak 31 Days Affirmation Home Study. This is my free Valentine’s Day gift to you and you can grab it here. Available in February only.

This is your chance to move from heartbreak to freedom! Stop just sitting on the sidelines and not taking the necessary steps to move forward! You’re entitled to miracles and love.

You’re not alone. I’m here with you and offering this support for change and healing!

With love!

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